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Talk to Wheathampstead Business Group

Today, I spoke to a local group of business people about the mission at the heart of the Celebration Project. Here is an outline of the talk:

“Good afternoon everyone and thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to you today about the Celebration Project.

The Celebration Project aims to raise funds for two charitable organisations: Pencils of Promise who build schools in developing countries and Soroptimists International who enable, empower and educate women and girls around the globe by volunteering and raising funds.

I started this venture for three main reasons:

Firstly, close your eyes.

Imagine a tall, thin woman standing in the doorway of a single storey mud hut with just tin roof for protection. There are no windows just a single door.

The hut is her home, one of about half a dozen in a clearing surrounded by banana trees and coffee bushes. Her husband has died and she is left to care for four children – 2 are grown up and work far away on the other side of Tanzania. The others are under 10 and still at home.

We are invited into her home 2 rooms furnished with just a single chair, a small table and a solitary bed with no mattress. No electricity No bathroom No running water.

Do you have a picture of what that is like? You can open your eyes.
Meeting that woman on a trip to Tanzania with a group of Hertfordshire business woman changed me forever.

The second reason. I wanted to start a project where giving is at the core of the business. I heard a talk from Lush the natural cosmetics company which convinced me that the only sustainable way of helping good causes is to make it a core objective. A percentage of profits from the sales of products will go to the two causes I have chosen.

Finally, we need to give our children a message of hope. Without hope we and they have nothing. Today’s media pushes us anything but hope.

The Celebration Project is all about the positive things in our lives – the big events and the small ones. The little things each day – a note from a friend, something funny your children said, a win at work – it doesn’t really matter.

The blog provides inspiration for planning and recording celebrations.

For example those milestone events – births, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries. Some celebrations are local such a concert your friend performs in, others are national Andy Murray winning Wimbledon and others are international – such as the upcoming Olympics.

How can you help?
  1. You can buy the first of our products. There are 5 colours in the Fiesta range.
  2. Join the Facebook Group –
  3. Add your friends

In summary: Celebrations bring people together and, after all, friends, family and community are the most important aspects in our lives”

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