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Record Store Day

If I dig around in my attic, there’s a trunk full of neatly catalogued vinyl records. Mostly LPs from back in the 1970s including early Elton John, Van Morrison, Carole King, James Taylor, The Eagles, The Grateful Dead – you get the drift. I was a die-hard West Coast fan at the time and even now I seek out retrospectives put out on BBC4 which follow the fame and fortune, and the ups and downs, of famous bands through their music. Always good watching.

I still have a keen interest in music, so I was really pleased to learn that today is the 8th Record Store Day celebrating independent record shops around the world.

It was kicked off in 2008 by Metallica at Rasputin Music in Mountain View with 10 special releases. About 300 stores in the US and a handful in the UK took part that year. This number has grown every year with the explosion in interest in vinyl and the support of world famous official ambassadors, one for each year. Last year Dave Grohl, lead vocalist and guitarist of Foo Fighters and formally Nirvana, led the publicity campaign. Other ambassadors have included Iggy Pop, Jack White of White Stripes and Chuck D of Public Enemy. This year Metallica are the face of the day once again and to celebrate are releasing a box set with remastered tracks from their first two albums.
In the US you can find all the information you need about Record Store Day here:   In the UK the event is supported by BBC Music and you can search for your local participating stores here and find out about all the special events which are being held to mark the day. The special releases this year include albums by David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Metallica, Patti Smith, Frank Zappa and the Doors, but there are hundreds from lesser known artists.

Why not hop down to your nearest independent music store and see what vinyl gems they have on offer. It might just stir up some musical memories.

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