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Put on your dancing shoes for International Dance Day

"You live as long as you dance Rudolph Nureyev

International Dance Day was founded in 1982 by the International Dance Council and celebrates all forms of dance from flamenco to hip hop and salsa to Northern soul.
It is thought that April 29th was chosen as it’s the birthday of Jean-Georges Novere, a French ballet master (1727-1810). Apparently he was called “the Shakespeare of the dance” by David Garrick, famous English playwright and theatre manager.
Dancing in the Stars in the US and Strictly Come Dancing in the UK have been instrumental in bringing back the popularity of Latin and Ballroom dancing amassing huge viewers numbers Dancing with the Stars started in 2005 is in its 22nd season.
Dance has entered with fitness world with Zumba, dance based exercise taking the world by storm. Popdance established in 2009 is a new concept which combines dance and exercise to pop music for people from 2 to 82.

"I wear sequinned hotpants under my business suit! Dance makes me feel like I am 10 again! Sue Wybrow, founder of Popdance
The Oxford English Dictionary defines dance as: “A series of steps and movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music”  whether you participate or spectate there’s something for everyone. It’s an art form of contrasts from a solo prima ballerina performing on the stage of the Royal Opera House to a dynamic group of Cossack dancers from the Ukraine with their athletic jumps, twists and turns.
Traditional dancers are often dressed in costumes of their country of origin or the roots of the dance.
Informal street dance, no longer just performed outside has evolved from its origins in parks, playgrounds, dance parties, raves, block parties and nightclubs. The list of Street and vernacular both current and traditional dances is a long one and the difference between classical forms of dance is that it is often very interactive with the dancers involving the audience. Whether it’s Break, Belly or Ballet put on your dancing shoes grab a partner, turn up the volume and have a dance.

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