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My 2017 Happiness Jar

The other day I saw a great idea and thought I would give it a try in 2017 – it’s a Happiness Jar.

The idea is that you use it a little like a coin savings jar only you write a note each time you feel like recording something positive. I have dated my pieces of paper so that when I tip them out at the end of the year, unfold and read them, I can see what happened when, as more than likely there will be lots of forgotten memories. I have used a tall glass jar with a glass lid but you could use any empty jar such as a Mason jar.

I decided the jar needed a bit of jazzing up so I have painted HAPPINESS in ruby red nail varnish on the outside and have a trail of dots and a heart just to complete the picture. I may do a bit more decorating when I’ve a bit more time. If you are crafty decorating the jar would make a fun weekend project.

The trick is to leave it somewhere noticeable – next to the kettle might be a good place. You don’t even have to stick to writing notes. Include tickets to events, festivals, train and bus tickets, photos; anything that takes your fancy.

Some people put a note in their Happiness Jar every day but you could just pop something in as you feel like it. My jar is just for me but I guess you could do this as a family or have one just for the children and let them write their own notes or small sketches.

All you have to do is to make it your own! Wishing you and yours every happiness in 2017! Please send in photos of your Happiness Jar or post them in the Facebook Group.

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