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Lists to write in a journal

If writing a daily journal feels like it may take up too much time or become a bit of a chore, how about filling your blank journal with a series of lists? You can then tick off this things you’ve done, the places, you’ve visited or the Christmas presents you’ve bought as you go.

Celebration lists to write in a journal

People love lists. It helps them feel in control and secure. It helps with planning busy times and is definitely a good idea if you’ve a birthday party to plan, an engagement or a wedding coming up, a big holiday or if you are celebrating an anniversary.

Lists which help with planning events

  • Birthday party list
  • Engagement party list
  • Hen or stag do list
  • Wedding planning list
  • Wedding present list
  • Anniversary celebration list
  • Holiday packing list
  • Christmas planning list
  • Christmas present list
  • Baby shower planning
  • Christening planning
  • Dinner party list

Lists based on hobbies and pastimes

You’ve probably seen the series of books entitled 1001, or 1000 (topic) to (verb) before you die books. For example: 1001 Films to see before you Die. If you are passionate about film, travel, music, plants, food or virtually any other list you could imagine these reference books are a great place to start for some ideas for your list.
For me 1,000 is a bit steep as I might feel overwhelmed and never even start. So I would suggest buying a copy and whittling the number down to a more manageable list to write in a journal. You can find the whole range of these books on Amazon here: 

There are even more targeted books such as Tired of London, Tired of Life: One Thing A Day To Do in London by Tom Jones which is a combination of tourist guide and history book.
Well worth a read

Your home list

So you’ve got your celebrations sorted and your hobbies, so how about your home list.
2017 is a year when I really need to get down to some home improvements. I’ve put together a list of essential jobs which really to get done this year. When I started clearing the kitchen yesterday I realised how much clutter I have in my cupboards which means a trip to the charity shop and the recycling centre, making sure as many items find new homes and throwing away as few as possible. It’s a time consuming challenge. If you have a lot on your plate, it’s much easier to do a little bit of sorting often rather than emptying your wardrobe in one fell swoop just as you are about to head off for work! If you have a whole weekend to yourself for getting organised have a read of Sorted by Gillian Perkins. Click the link for a review.

For all your menu planning and shopping I put created a useful Shopping List & Menu Planner, available online. Shopping List & Menu Planner

Your professional list

You may have had advice about goal setting in abundance over the past few weeks. Well with those SMART goals written down, it may be a good idea to write a list of how you are going to achieve them. These are different sorts of lists. They are probably dynamic in that they will change over time. They will be time bound and they are likely to be dependent on one another. Like a lot of work projects, the beginning of one activity will be contingent on the completion of another.
The workplace list can run away with you if you’re not careful particularly if you work on your own. Use the Celebration Project Weekly Planner to help your week run smoothly.

Your list of dreams

Allow yourself to be a bit whimsical and maybe create a list of dreams, after all dreams cost you nothing at all. We’ll come back to dreams and gratitude journals too.

In the meantime, I wish you all the best with your different lists to write in a journal.

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