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From Oz to Bristol – a Family Wedding Celebration

Last weekend was a joyful one for my family, as my niece, Lindsey and her new husband, Nick travelled all the way from Melbourne to her home town of Bristol to celebrate their recent wedding. A long way to come, but with so many friends and family living in the UK, it gave us all the opportunity to wish them well for their life together.

The simplicity of the event made for a day focused on love and friendship rather than the trappings of lavish celebrity-style weddings. Everyone contributed to the lunch and with more than one cake and many bottles of fizz to toast the couple, the hall was full of conversation and laughter.


For the official wedding in Australia, Lindsey had asked all her friends and family to send a single triangular piece of bunting which they had decorated. Strung together the bunting made the perfect decoration for their picnic spot in the countryside. In the spirit of recycle and reuse she had packed it up and transported it to the UK where was rehung to decorate the hall. It was great to see such a wide array of creativity and read the good wishes written on these small triangles. I’m sure it will be used again in their home in Oz.

It was also wonderful to see Grandad Colin (now 85) and my sister-in-law and brother-in-law Lyn and Jeremy with a rare gathering of all four of my nephews – Stephen with his wife Hazel, Chris, Jon, Ben and his girlfriend Roberta, together with my two girls, Lucy and Libby. All seven grandchildren together made it a special day for their grandfather.

As my blood relatives are few in number – just parents, brother and children – keeping in touch with the Carruthers family is extra special and now a trip to Melbourne is firmly on my bucket list.
Wishing Lindsey and Nick all the best!



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