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Diamond Education Grant

The Celebration Project supports Soroptimist International GB & Ireland (SIGBI) by donating a percentage of profits from the sales of our stationery. The last few months since the launch has been fantastic with members of the Facebook Ambassadors’ Group really getting behind the idea. A big Shout-out to them all. The Amazon shop is taking off and the online shop is looking great.

The Celebration Project donates to the Diamond Education Grant

So I’m really proud to announce that £100 has been given to SIGBI’s Diamond Education Grant a registered charity. Set up in 1975, this fund gives grants to help women improve their education and skills which gives them opportunities for employment. The Diamond Education Grant is open to women across all 26 countries which make up SIGBI.
The awards are given to women unable to fund themselves and where there is no other support. The money goes towards courses fees, books and equipment but is not for living expenses.
About 17 awards are made each year and the donation the Celebration Project has made is one small step towards making a difference.
Some of the courses the Diamond Education Grant has funded are:
  • Helicopter training
  • Teacher training
  • MA in Play therapy
  • BSc in Midwifery
  • Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting
  • Motorcycle Instructor’s course

The concept is simple. Just buying a few cards, a notebook or a planner; it all adds up. These are products we buy frequently and over the years, by spreading the word, the aim is to help a lot more people.

A heartfelt thank-you to all our supporters.
You can find out more about the Diamond Education Grant here

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