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Christmas Paper Bunting


Today, I thought I would share one of my favourite Christmas craft activities which can be done with your children. The video (click image above)  gives you a run through of exactly how to make this Christmas paper bunting. One pack of paper napkins makes about 6m of bunting

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • Pack of 20 paper napkins (makes 40 triangles) Shop here
  • 6 – 7 metres of ribbon about 0.5 – 1 cm wide Shop here
  • PVA glue Shop here
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Time taken for the whole project – about 1 hour.

Suitable for ages 4 and upward


It is best to watch the video all the way through to get an idea of exactly what is involved. You can then play it back again stopping at each stage as you make the paper bunting yourself.

  1. Take one paper napkin and place with the folded side to the right and the two folded edges to the top
  2. On the bottom edges with all the single sheets of tissue, mark the centre point
  3. Draw two diagonal lines from top-left to the centre point and top-right to centre point to form a triangle
  4. Cut along the two lines
  5. Part the two resultant triangles
  6. Open out the first triangle to create a diamond and squeeze two strips of PVA glue close to either side of the fold
  7. Place your ribbon on the glue with the edge up against the fold leaving a tail of ribbon about 10cms long
  8. Fold the diamond over and gently press in place to create a triangle
  9. Leave a gap of about 10 -15cms between triangles
  10. Repeat all the steps until you have run out of ribbon
  11. Hang up to decorate your hallway, kitchen or sitting room
If you fold your paper bunting carefully when you take it down, it can be reused year after year.

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