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British Flowers Week – a tribute to local produce

We’re just a few days away from the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, and this is British Flowers Week in celebration of British flowers in support of buying locally grown produce. No matter where you are in the world buying produce on your doorstep has to be a good thing – good for employment, good for the environment and it has a certain feelgood factor that your money is going to your community.

In 2013 the British Flowers Week campaign was started to promote British flower growers and independent florists around the country. Before the 1970s every flower in the Britain was grown here but over recent years we have been importing the majority of our flowers from all over the world, with the main suppliers coming from Holland, South America and South Africa via the Dutch flowers auctions.

Our main wholesale flower market, New Covent Garden Market and Flowers from The Farm are the people behind British Flowers Week.

This year the campaign was featured on the BBC’s hugely popular Countryfile programme with Anita Rani and Charlotte Smith reporting. Charlotte visited Rosebie Morton, a farmer in Hampshire, southern England, who is growing a wide range of flowers with the emphasis on scent and Anita made a headdress with expert instruction from two florists.

The website’s blog records all the events throughout the week and features different florists each day where you can learn from the experts. If you are thinking of becoming a florist there are useful downloads on the site.

At this time of year British gardens are at their best and buying locally grown flowers has the following benefits:
The flowers will be fresher and last longer as they have travelled such a short distance
Buying in season means better value for money as particular varieties are in plentiful supply
You are keeping our countryside full of wildlife by encouraging biodiversity
Why not treat yourself this weekend and buy a bouquet making sure it’s local, wherever you are in the world.

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